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Thu Apr 20 23:21:02 EST 1995

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> Hi
> I am looking for some cDNA probes of highly conserved
> genes, such as actin, for a friend of mine who
> would like to use it as a control on parasitic nematodes.
> Where could I get such an actin probe, and what other
> possible genes might be useful.

> Thomas Burglin

We have obtained from M. Krause an actin gene which hybridizes to 4 actin
genes in C. elegans. I'm not sure where you can find his phone # and
e-mail address, but you could probably look him up in on the net, or maybe
worm breeder's gazette. You can probably get his address in this
reference: Krause, M., and Hirsh, D. (1987) Cell 49, 753-761.

Hope this helps!

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