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I had asked in this newsgroup about the book:

<Ay's Neuroanatomy of C. elegans for Computation
<by Theodore B. Achacoso and W. S. Yamamato (editor)
<from CRC Press

<Can anybody tell me what it is about and whether it
<is worth reading?

I got only two answers which I would like to post here:

from David Hall:

I haven't actually seen it, but I believe it tries to compile the adult
connectivity for each neuron in White et al's "Mind of the worm".  Meant to
be a starting point for computational modelling of worm behavior with
regard to known circuits, I think.  If so, it should include the data on
disk or CD?

and from Richard Durbin:

I think I know about this.  They transcribed lots of synaptic
information from the White et al. "Mind of a worm" paper and make it
available on CD-ROM.  At the same time, John and I arranged for the
original data to be computerised at the LMB.  This was done for two
nerve rings (N2U and JSH) not one, and lots of cross-checks were done
afterwards, involving a substantial amount of going back to the
micrographs to confirm data.  All the resulting information is in
acedb in the Neurodata section of the Cell class.  So I believe the
synaptic connectivity information in Yamamoto et al. is neither as
full nor as accurate as that available for free through acedb, or I
think also from our ftp site (?).  I am not sure what else the book

Hope this helps.



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