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Mon Aug 1 00:21:13 EST 2016

在 2010年12月2日星期四 UTC+8上午6:46:31,Sam Smith写道:
> We use OP50 and notice 2 problems.  One, we get "dots" of abnormal
> colonies within the main lawn.  Two, every once in a while the OP50 is
> a fast growing mass that has a thick crusty look to it rather than
> being a loose colony. We've done everything we can think of to resolve
> these problems, like constantly streaking new colonies for our LB,
> making smaller portions of LB so the OP is not very old (2 months),
> sterilizing any tools, and ordering new stock from the elegans
> center.
> Have others had this problem?  Is this most likely a contamination
> problem, or can the OP just be accumulating common mutations that
> result in this phenotype?
> The problem with this stuff is that with this crusty bacteria, it
> pellets with the worms and can't be separated.

Hi Sam,
This is Sally, who also met the problem you encountered at that time.
I am writing to ask for your advise for getting rid of the "dots" and other contaminent. Hoping my enquiry is not disturbing.
Actually, I as well met some other kind of contamination. As I already changed the LB and picker, and still get the contamination. It really frustrating. 
Have you already figure out what happend about to the OP50? Would you mind sharing your experience? 
Thank you for your time and looking forward for your reply.
Sincerely yours,

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