MLM/Network Marketing Announcement!!

Fri Nov 20 20:37:18 EST 1998

   You are receiving this email because you are now, or have 
recently been involved in MLM/Network Marketing. 
   This is a no-hype presentation to you, simply because you are in 
the business, and can see and evaluate the opportunity presented 
to you. 
   As you know, most network marketers are involved in multiple 
MLMs, therefore I would like to tell you about an incredible 
opportunity that has becoming available this week. 
   I am involved with a company which has gone into pre-launch 
this past Monday. The fact that the company has just entered 
pre-launch is significant, because, as you well know, to make the 
real money in Network Marketing, you have to be in the first 
250,000 people that sign up, to make incredible money, you 
have to be in the first 100,000 people. 
   My upline is the company - literally, I am frontline to the 
National Sales Director, whose Distributor number is '3'! This is 
TRUELY a ground floor opportunity. 
   There are NO products to stock. Filling up your garage or spare 
room with water filters, consumables or soap products is a thing 
of the past. 
   We deal with tangible, value packed products that everyone 
wants, products that have a direct impact on the lives of our 
   This is the "Final Wave" of Network Marketing, a melding of 
two distinct and separate industries; Direct Marketing - 
seminars, radio spots & infomercials, with Network Marketing, 
creating an incredible lead generating front engine. 
   A little that I wouldn't tell anyone except a seasoned Network 
Marketer. This is an Australian '2' Up - you get paid on 
the first two, of the first two, of the first two - to infinity! Infinity 
down and infinity wide! 
   This system also builds INCREDIBLE backend residual income 
 - the dream of every Network Marketer. 
   The company qualifies your prospects for you - all you do is get 
them on conference calls (the same ones that you will listen to) , 
they train you and your customers, again, on conference calls. 
It couldn't be easier, a real no-brainer!
   This is a TRUE home-based business, no ties, suits, meetings 
or leaving your house.
   If you're interested, email me at p5 at, or call me at     
972-223-2222. I'd be happy to share a little more info about the 
company and this opportunity, and give you the phone number 
for the conference call, the same conference calls that you will 
be putting your customers on. 
   This is well worth taking the time to make a phone call - I assure 
you that this will be the last MLM that you will ever join.

*** This is a one time emailing. Those of you that don't feel that this 
is the right opportunity for you will not be included in any future 
emailings. ***

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