How Scientists Cheat - Reply to Richard Grant

Rudi van de Wetering ReplyToButNoSpamR.vandewetering at
Wed Sep 13 07:32:09 EST 2000

> > suggest that readers who want to pursue the discussion should post to
> > newsgroup but simultaneously copy their posting by E-mail direct to me,
> > mentioning the newsgroup involved.  That way I will indeed come back and
> > reply to them.
> >
> That's understandable.  You will appreciate that people may be afraid of
> entering a private discussion if someone seems keen to keep that
> discussion out of the 'public marketplace'.  That was the reason for my
> question.
It's absolutely not understandable. It shows disrespect for the reader and
is against Netiquette. Just take some time to learn and use a good
newsreader. Gathering  reactions to all of your posts accross different
newsgroups that way is easilier then opening your e-mail client, looking for
the newsgroup it came from, opening the newsreader and replying to it.


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