JP Clapp jpc4 at MAILER.YORK.AC.UK
Wed Jul 12 04:22:25 EST 1995

can anyone help us with the sequence for the 65-kDa antigen sequence of 
Mycobacterium avium as per Pao et al J Clin Micro 1990, 1877-1880.  

We are working up to studying TB in archaeological specimens and are 
currently using bird material.  We have successfully amplifiyed a product 
and have sequenced it.  Unfortunately, there is no sequence for avium in 
Genbank for this region.  The matches we have are two bases different 
from M. paratuberculosis but this in itself tells us nothing without 
avium to compare to.

Is someone out there sitting on such a sequences that they would be 
willing to share (in confidence if required).
In hope.

Dr J. P. Clapp
Department of Biology,
Po Box 373,
jpc4 at york.ac.uk

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