Tsukuba Pathology Slide Seminar 104

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Fri Jul 21 13:50:50 EST 1995

               Tsukuba Pathology Slide Seminar No.104

July 28, 1995  13:00-14:30   (AFIP WSC=14:30-17:00)
Conference Room in NIAH main building , 2nd floor.
3-1-1, Kannondai, Tsukuba 305 Japan

Following cases including clinical, epidemiological, gross and histopathological
findings will be presented in the seminar. 

No.113:  Rabbit  viral hemorrhagic disease.   
              (Dr. Itoh of Shizuoka prefecture)

No.114: Interstitial pneumonia with fibrinous purulent pleuritis in pig. 
             (Dr. Ono, JA Zen-noh Lab.)

No.115: Chronic gastric ulcer and atrophic gastritis in man 
             (Dr. Obana, Teijin)

                   If you are ineresting in Pathology, Please join us!

Name: Eiichi Momotani.DVM. PhD.  Phone:0298-38-7781
Lab. of Immunopathology, NIAH,3-1-1 Kannondai,Tsukuba 305 Japan 
E-mail:   momotani at niah.affrc.go.jp (for business!) 
    NBA02413 at niftyserve.or.jp (for private or week end!)
My WWW home page: http://ss.niah.affrc.go.jp/~momotani/
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