Help to create "Dictionary of self-experimenters"

Arsen P.Fiks, M.D., Ph.D. shleym at ripco.com
Tue Dec 10 14:50:52 EST 1996

Dear Colleague,   

     I am appealing to everybody who has performed any kind of
     on him / herself. I am appealing also to those who can recollect
     kind of self-experiments performed by their colleagues in the past.

     There is no question that data and results of all kinds of 
     self-experiments should not disappear from the face of the earth in 
     the stream of history. Every one of those experiments is unique, 
     and the results of them may benefit the humanity in the future. 
     The great example would be experiments of Werner Forssmann, M.D., 
     who in 1919 inserted a catheter into his heart by himself. 

     Many self-experiments have lead to disappearance of a great number 
     of dangerous infectious diseases.

     I need the following information:
     1) short biographical data,
     2) the nature and outcome of the experiment, and
     3) bibliographical information: experimenter's
        publications and/or publications about him / herself.
     I would greatly appreciate the feedback from anybody who is going 
     to respond to my request with any kind of related information.


     Arsen P.Fiks, M.D.,Ph.D.                  
     Cancer Pathology                  

     P.S. My goal is to compose a "Dictionary of Self-experimenters".  
     Please respond to:      

     Arsen P.Fiks, M.D.,Ph.D. 
     2050 Valencia Drive 
     Northbrook, IL 60062 USA

     tel   : (847) 5649189
     E-mail: shleym at ripco.com (Please point in subject-"For Arsen

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