b7.D CsA '-,_T cell independent prod. IL1

Mark Peters gquest at nol.net
Tue Dec 17 13:56:04 EST 1996

b7	Cyclosporin inhibits T cell-independent production if IL1

Methods Find Exp Clinh Pharmacol (LZN), 1986 Fep; 8 (2):85-9

The effects of CsA (1 ng/ml-1 microgram/ml) on T cell- independent
production of IL1 by irradiated, carrageenan-stimulated peritoneal
macrophages were also examined. Up to 50 ng/ml CsA had no effect on IL1
production but higher concentratins produced a dose-dependent inhibition
that was complete at 1 microgram.ml.  These results show that CsA
inhibits both T cell-independent production if IL1 and IL1 dependent
expression oof reactivity to IL2.

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