Conjugate/Block Buffers

Vigfrid Ness vigfrid.ness at veths.no
Thu Feb 1 05:40:20 EST 1996

D.Jones wrote:
> I'm presently doing some comparisons between different buffers to 
> dilute my labelled antibody in, for use in ELISA. So far I have established 
> sofar is that the standard conjugate buffer that we use here (2% PVP, 
> 0.2% Ovalbumin in PBS-T) can be improved upon with the addition  of
> various other proteins such as BSA and Casein.
Followed by: 
>What I am after is are buffers that will increase the signal : noise ratio
>in the actual ELISA. My actual Alkaline Phosphatase conjugates Pabs or mabs are
>quite stable enough. I don't really have any problems, I'm just trying
>to increase the sensitivity of the ELISA. 

My comment is: Have you tried the NAD/H amplification system for AP-conjugates.
My own experience with it isn't the best - the system was too sensitive when
it came to background noice but I know about people in Wageningen who has
had good experience with it for detection of plant pathogens.

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