Conjugate/Block Buffers

D Jones djones at SCRI.SARI.AC.UK
Fri Feb 2 09:14:11 EST 1996

Vigfrid Ness wrote:-
> My comment is: Have you tried the NAD/H amplification system for AP-conjugates.
> My own experience with it isn't the best - the system was too sensitive when
> it came to background noice but I know about people in Wageningen who has
> had good experience with it for detection of plant pathogens.
 Thanks for your comment. I have in fact tried the NAD/H amplification
system, and my experience was exactly the same as yours. The situation
was even worse when I tried to use tuber sap as opposed to leaf sap. I
have also used a luminescence based assay, which did actually prove to
be about 10 x more sensitive at it's best, but the Titanium oxide plates
I purchased from Dynatech were very unreliable and tended to go of over
	Has anyone else had any similar problems?  

D.A.C. Jones

e-mail: djones at scri.sari.ac.uk

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