Conjugate/Block Buffers

Pete Kwasowski P.Kwasowski at surrey.ac.uk
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At 06:14 02/02/96 -0800, you wrote:
>I have also used a luminescence based assay, which did actually prove to
>be about 10 x more sensitive at it's best, but the Titanium oxide plates
>I purchased from Dynatech were very unreliable and tended to go of over
>	Has anyone else had any similar problems?  
>				Dave

We have been using Enhanced Luminescence ELISA's for some time now, we have
found the Dynatech plates to be the best around (so far). However, we
exclusively use the Microlite 2 plates.

The Fluorescence and Microlite 1 plates give much lower signals (in our
hands). The strip-format plates seemed to give much poorer cv's (again, in
our hands).


BTW, does anyone know of a cheaper source high performance "white plates".

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