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Tue Feb 6 02:44:56 EST 1996

I am a new subscriber in this newsgroup, and this is the first E-mail.My 
study about the molecular characterization of the root-knot nematodes 
(Meloidogyne).I have just started my study, but there is some problem 
with me to extract the DNA from the nematodes so:
	if any one have an easy method to this extraction please send
	it to me. 
	, and if any one faced him some problem with extracting DNA and 
	He found the solutions. it may be useful to me if he can send it 
	to me.
	also I have some questions:
Can I use Polyvenylpyrollydone(PVP M.W. 360 000) instead of 
Polyvenylpyrollidone (PVPP) to prepare a buffer to extract DNA [it 
consists of EDTA, Sarcosyl, PVPP(water insoluble)?
How could I sterilize the PVP, and Sarcosyl, could I autoclaved it?  
SORRY for this too long E-mail, but all of these questions is very 
important to me.Thanks for your cooperation.
							Abd elnasser

Abd Elnasser Elashry 
Agricultural genetic Engineering Research Institute(AGERI)
Agricultural Research Center(ARC)
9 Gamaa st., Giza, Egypt
E-mail: idl at ageri.sci.eg

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