Blood Collection Tubes

Gwen E. Sprague gsprague at sky.net
Thu Feb 8 11:48:40 EST 1996

Leslie Boux <73302.706 at CompuServe.COM> wrote:
>Hi anyone,
>   I am looking for names (and addresses if posssible) of any 
>manufacturer of blood collection tubes (other than BD).  If you have
>any info would you please reply to this message.
>   Thanks, Leslie Boux  (73302.706 at compuserve.com)


There are several makers of blood collection tubes, BD(vaccutainer), Sherwood Medical 
(Monoject?), Venoject. They can be obtained thru suppliers like CMS or Baxter or from the 
company direct. Below are a couple of websites you can search for more information. 



Good Luck!


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