carbohydrate deficient transferrin (CDT)

sugisaki sugisaki at katanuki.bekkoame.or.jp
Tue Feb 13 10:57:31 EST 1996

Dear netters; It was said that serum level of carbohydrate deficient
transferrin might be a better diagnostic marker of chronic excessive
drinking (EtOH) regardless of with or without liver injury. However, I
failed to find out any possible diagnostic advantage of this marker
over a conventional marker such as ALT, AST and g-GTP.  I felt that
g-GTP was far better from view points of sensitivity and accuracy. I
appreciate to have some suggestions from netters on the marker, if any
other opinion. There is really an increasing social demand to have an
objective diagnostic marker of excessive drinking in particular in this

sugisaki at ppp.bekkoame.or.jp (H. Sugisaki)

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