Immunolink-AP Kits

Larry Winger Larry.Winger at ncl.ac.uk
Fri Feb 16 04:23:19 EST 1996

We also have used both AP and HRP immunoconjugation kits from Cambridge
Research Biochemicals (as was, before being taken over by ICI and turning
into Zeneca?), and have purchased both from Genosys.  Our experience,
frankly, has been variable.

Alk-phos kits have 'worked', to date,  but we've had problems with amount
of reagent supplied, vials and components missing.  Also, because all kits
have to come from the American supplier (and are not always even 'in stock'
there), we've had quite serious delays in getting our orders filled.

In our most recent HRP conjugation, however, we had terrible coupling,
compared to a previous Genosys kit with the same antibody -- we didn't know
whether or not that was the fault of the kit, or our own problem, but it
does look worrisome -- we'll see how the second coupling (each kit comes
with nominal reagents for two coupling procedures) goes.

It would be interesting to hear from a Genosys representative in this
regard, who can reassure us on relevant QC questions!

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