John/Ann Crockett crockett at supernet.ab.ca
Sun Feb 18 11:46:20 EST 1996

A girl I work with has a five year old daughter who has been sick since
she was born with problems such as food allergies, migraines, seizures,
heart palpitations, decrease in weight, iron deficiency ,high fevers,
colicky, and major bloating.  Some times her abdomen is so distended
she looks like an Ethopian baby.  Her doctors and referring specialists
have no clue as to what is going on.  She now has plus plus elevated
eosiniphiles in her stools  and are treating her with steroids. The doctors
think that she might have eosinophilic gastroenteropathy but is very rare
in kids of her age not to mention that this condition is very rare period.
The questionable treatment is to hack out large amounts of her bowels.
Does anyone have or know anything about this disease or treatment or
any ideas as to what could be wrong with her.  Any help would be greatly
appreciated.  Thanks.
Ann Crockett

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