Want to Know More about Medical Lab Technology Career

Technogoddess gsprague at sky.net
Sat Jul 13 22:54:38 EST 1996

La wrote:
> I would like to hear from people who work as medical laboratory
> technologists.  I'd like to know if they like their jobs and what they
> like best about them or if they're burning out and wish they had
> trained in something else.
> I'm considering training in this field and would like to know more
> about it.
> Sheila
> Sisrael at pig.net

Hi Sheila,

I'm not so sure I'm a good person to answer your question right now since my 
Clinical Laboratory Scientist (Med Tech) career is in flux at the moment. I'd be 
glad to chat with you via EMAIL for further information. You might also want to 
post in the newsgroup sci.med.laboratory, I bet you will get a lot of responses 
there since it is basically a group for lab people.

Good Luck!

  Gwen E. Sprague, CLS(NCA), CPC
 Laboratory Technology Resources
  "Offering ideas to help your 
laboratory work smarter not harder"

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