Information needed on DNA diagnostics

Kevin O'Donnell odonnell at sasa.gov.uk
Tue Jul 23 05:11:35 EST 1996

On 22 Jul 96 at 9:39, Barry Schweitzer wrote:

> Hi There!
> I would be interested to know whether there are any upcoming
> meetings that are either focused on or include topics related
> to DNA diagnostics.

I know of:

Advances in Nucleic Acid Amplification and Detection, September 
18-19, 1996, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

This is a Cambridge Healthtech Institute conference - details from 
their WWW site at http://www.healthtech.com/conferences/ or email 
them at chi at healthtech.com

They also have a forthcoming conference on genomic target 
amplification January 7-9, 1997 San Diego, CA

Disclaimer: I have no connection with CHI other than having attended 
one of their conferences.

>  Similarly, are there any journals in this  area?

Molecular and Cellular Probes is a pretty good journal in this field.

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