Information needed on DNA diagnostics

Richard Schifreen rschifre at access.digex.net
Wed Jul 24 12:45:10 EST 1996

There is a lot going on in this area.  The American Association for
Clinical Chemistry (AACC) has a Molecular Division (202)857-0717.  Their
national meeting is next week in Chicago.   The Association of Molecular
Pathologists is another good organization (301)571-1880.  Their annual
meeting is in Baltimore in November.  You may also want to check out the
San Diego Probes Conference in November sponsored by AACC.

AACC has a web-site with a schedule and registration for all of its
meetings.  Try www.aacc.org.

There are a lot of other groups interested in this area, but this should
get you started.   As far as Training, my employer, Life Technologies,
offers a number of training courses in molecular biology techniques.  Our
web site is www.lifetech.com. 

Rich Schifreen
Life Technologies
rschifre at access.digex.net
On 22 Jul 1996, Barry Schweitzer wrote:

> Hi There!
> I would be interested to know whether there are any upcoming
> meetings that are either focused on or include topics related
> to DNA diagnostics.  Similarly, are there any journals in this
> area?  Finally, does anyone offer special training courses in
> this area?
> Thanks in advance for the help!
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