Monoclonal antibody to Alpha-feto protein available

Fred Hyde hydassoc at parka.winternet.com
Fri Jul 26 11:43:48 EST 1996

We have completed our experimentation using monoclonal antibody AFP-27, 
an IgG2 directed against human alpha-fetoprotein. We have a fairly large 
excess of the MAb which we would like to dispose of. The antibody is 
still in the culture medium and was produced on an Endotronics/Cellex 
Accusyst machine. 

If you are interested in procuring some of the antibody, please send 
e-mail and I'll send along a detail sheet on the antibody. Please send 
E-mail to:

hydassoc at winternet.com (or) fredhyde at citilink.com

Frederick W. Hyde, Ph.D.
Hyde and Associates Biotech Consulting
St. Paul, MN 55112 USA

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