Saliva collection

Technogoddess gsprague at sky.net
Mon Sep 2 03:34:39 EST 1996

Dr Dave Smart wrote:
> I have seen an advert somewhere for saliva collection devices
> but can't remember where.
> I am interested in doing some research on saliva.
> Could anyone tell me
> 1: Why a collection device?  Why not (to put it crudely) just
> spit into a tube?
> 2: Where I can get saliva collection devices (once convinced I
> need them).
> Many thanks
> Dr Dave Smart

Dr. Smart.

There are several devices available, it is hard to recommend any particular one 
without knowing what kind of testing you are doing. Do you need a preservative or 
will it interfere with testing? Are you doing quantitative or qualitative testing? 
Are you looking for antibodies? What volume of specimen do you require? Are you 
doing drug testing?

A couple of companies are Sarstedt and Epitope but there are others. With more 
details maybe I can make a specific recommendation.

  Gwen E. Sprague, CLS(NCA), CPC
  Laboratory Technology Resources
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