micro BUN and creatinin test

jim rogers at usuhs.usuhs.mil
Wed Sep 4 03:19:02 EST 1996

> Almost any test that can be done on an analyzer (Hitachi-Olympus-etc) 
> can be converted to be run on a microplate. I've converted many using 
> the same reagents we were using on our large analyzers. You would have 
> to hand pipet the samples but otherwise all you need is a plate reader, 
> pipets to add the reagents and samples, possibly (but not required) a 
> plate incubator. Most tests will require 3-15 ul of serum (but that can 
> be adjusted too) which can be harvested from blood collected in 
> cappillary tubes. BUN and Creatinine would be easy since both can be run 
> as endpoint tests.

I need something that I can do in a regular basic science (microbiology) lab.
the analyzer availible is a Kodak and I don't have the ability to change it
at all.  Any ideas?

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