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At 02:19 30/09/96 -0700, you wrote:
>Over the last year we have found a number of sera that were moderately
>positive for TPHA, weak positive FTA and negative for reaginic tests.
>Although confirmed on retesting, after freezing and thawing the sera became
>negative.  We are using the kit marketed in England by Launch as the
>'reditest'.  I have encountered this problem a few times previously but now
>it seems much more frequent.
>Has anybody else experienced this, or got any views?
>Steve Barrett
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>Microbiology Department,
>St. Mary's Hospital
>Praed St.,
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I've no idea about the specifics of your test, however, loss of titre post
freeze/thawing makes me think that you're loosing IgM immunoreactivity in
your samples.

We have found this with early bleeds after priming immunizations when making
polyclonal antisera. Which is one of the reasons we store our antisera at 4
deg C with azide, rather than frozen.

Just my "two bob's worth".


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