need used kodak ektachem

kar-boulhimez at wanadoo.fr kar-boulhimez at wanadoo.fr
Fri May 15 10:02:44 EST 1998

I'm looking for one to three kodak 500,700 or even 250 .
I'm located in france but no matter the instrument comes from .
Many thanks for you replies at : kar-boulhimez at wanadoo.fr

begin 666 k.boulhimez.vcf
M0D5'24XZ5D-!4D0-"E9%4E-)3TXZ,BXQ#0I..F)O=6QH:6UE>CMK+ at T*1DXZ
M>D!W86YA9&]O+F9R#0I2158Z,3DY.# U,354,30T-# W6 at T*14Y$.E9#05)$

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