Fetal Ultrasound

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Thu Feb 14 04:59:30 EST 2002

Fetal Echocardiography Homepage located at http://www.med.upenn.edu/fetus
provides the largest publicly accessible library of high quality fetal heart
images obtained using different ultrasound techniques: 2D-echo, Color Doppler,
M-mode, and Pulse Doppler.  The Homepage contains also fetal calculator to
determine gestational age using typical ultrasound measurements, and a
Discussion Forum to provide means for exchange of information about fetal
echocardiography, cardiology, and general fetal ultrasound.

Access to Free Medline, Meriam-Webster Dictionary and several electronic
journals, as well as hundreds of links to all aspects of cardiology,
telemedicine, and imaging (including visual male and female) makes this page a
perfect place not only for physicians, medical students, and medical
professionals  but for everybody interested in fetal development, and all
aspects of medicine.

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