FlyBase Update (Greybook error lists)

FlyBase Project Members flybase%morgan at HARVARD.HARVARD.EDU
Wed Jun 2 10:51:50 EST 1993

FlyBase Update June 2 1993

A new directory has been made available on FlyBase. It is called
flybase/greybook and can be accessed either by gopher to
or by anonymous ftp from the same site.

/greybook includes two files, flybase/greybook/errors.doc and
flybase/greybook/errors.txt. the .txt file is a list, sorted by page,
of mistakes found in Ashburner's Drosophila: A Laboratory Handbook and
Drosophila: A Laboratory Manual (Cold Spring Harbor Press, 1989). The
.doc file is a short explantation of the .txt file.

You are invited to send any further errors that you detect to 
flybase at

Very shortly FlyBase will make available a similar set of files for
the Redbook, that is Lindsley and Zimm's The Genome of Drosophila melanogaster
(Academic Press, 1992).

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