Fri Jun 4 19:34:33 EST 1993

From: jpmartin at ccit.arizona.edu
Newsgroups: bionet.drosophila
Subject: Help us build a Drosophila Thesaurus

Dear Drosophila Researcher:

Our group is developing an automatic thesaurus for the 
Drosophila Research Community.  We are gathering "object filters" (gene 
names, protein function names, researcher names, technique names, 
subjects and other keywords), as well as full text electronic documents for 
cluster analysis (semantic relationships). 
The flybase and online Redbook have been very helpful for the former, but 
we need more electronic full text documents for determining 
relationships between words.

I ask your assistance in providing us with a wide range of full text 
documents in *electronic* format, particularly abstracts and review-type 
articles.   This is important, so that the terms in our thesaurus are as 
rich as possible, i.e. that the thesaurus covers as much of the 
terminology used in Drosophila research as possible.

The documents will *not* be used for their intellectual content, so there 
is no problem with copyright.  We are only interested in the terms and 
their relationships to one another.  The documents will be erased once we 
have extracted the objects and conducted the cluster analysis.

Please send whatever files you can to:
jpmartin at ccit.arizona.edu

Thank you very much,

Joanne Martinez
University of Arizona

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