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Wed Jul 6 12:26:51 EST 1994

	Please post the following meeting announcement  Thanks.
			Karen Brighton


	The Second International Workshop on Drosophila Heterochromatin 
will be held January 4 - January 7, l995 in Honolulu, Hawaii.  The 
meeting organizers are Steve Henikoff, Terry Lyttle and Barbara Wakimoto.
	The format and size of the meeting will be similar to the First 
International Workshop held five years ago in Bari, Italy.  The tentative 
list of speakers include: H. Biessmann, S. Elgin, P. Geyer, K. Glatzer, 
K. Golic, T. Grigliatti, S. Hawley, S. Henikoff, A. Hilliker, G. Karpen, 
R. Kellum, C. Langley, R. Levis, J. Locke, T. Lyttle, B. McKee, M.L. 
Pardue, S. Pimpinelli, G. Reuter, L. Robbins, J. Sedat, A. Spradling, R. 
Temin, A. Villasante, B. Wakimoto, Carl Wu, C-t. Wu, H. Zacharias.  
There will also be a poster session for other participants to present 
their work. 
	We invite those interested in attending this meeting to contact 
us as soon as possible (before August 8).  The meeting size is limited to 
70 participants.  Applications from postdoctoral fellows and graduate 
students are welcomed.  Send your name, mailing address, phone, FAX, 
email address and short description of your current research interests to 
Karen Brighton at: 	
	Internet: 	kbrighto at fred.fhcrc.org 
	FAX: 		(206) 667-6497
	Mailing address:	Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center 
				1124 Columbia Street 
				Seattle, WA 98104.

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