deficiencies 28C wanted

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Fri Jul 8 08:37:58 EST 1994

> I am looking for deficiencies in the region 28C not listed in flybase.
> Particularly I would be interested in a deficiency named Df(2L)TE62x2
> produced by G. Reuter in Halle. Does anybody keep such stocks or know
> something about it? If so, please contact me (msoller at 

>                                                              Christian Sigg

Dear Dr. Sigg,

      For what it is worth, there is mention of a synonym for a deficiency
name much like the one you seek in the FlyBase aberrations file.  When I used
gopher to search that for Df(2L)TE62*  I got two hits, including this one:

Aberration symbol        : Df(2L)TE28A-2
Reference(s)             : FBrf0050576 == Wustmann et al., 1989, Molec.
   gen. Genet. 217: 520--527
Breakpoints              : 27E5-27F1;28D3-28D4
Class of aberration      : Deficiency
Synonym(s)               : Df(2L)TE62X2

(I would have gotten this one alone had I searched explicitly for

     It appears this could be the one you are talking about.  Unfortunately,
neither Df(2L)TE28A-2 nor Df(2L)TE62x2 are mentioned in any of the stock
lists indexed on FlyBase.  (I have not downloaded or examined the three
lab stock lists stored on FlyBase, so they might be worth checking.)

     We would appreciate it if you could let us know if the "X" should
really be lowercase in the synonym Df(2L)TE62X2.  Many thanks.

					Wayne Rindone for
					flybase at

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