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Kim Pruitt saltcity at
Sun May 5 18:43:20 EST 1996


We have developed some software for the plant research community and are 
wondering if it would be of any use to the Drosophila research  
community.  Genome Tracker is an inventory database designed to keep 
track of your stocks of'your-favorate-organism'.  In addition it can be 
used to keep track of different experiments including genetic experiments 
(each  record includes information on parent stocks used in a cross and a 
family tree can be generated). We now have a free demo available (for  
Macintosh users) for downloading on our home page 
(  If anyone looks at our home 
page or the program I would really appreciate it if you would drop me a 
quick e-mail indicating whether it is potentially useful to  
Drosophila  researchers, or if it might be useful with some 
modifications. Thank you very much.

Kim D. Pruitt, Ph.D.

Salt City Software
7744  Sotherden Dr.
Liverpool,  NY 13090

e-mail: 70761.2216 at

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