D. simulans

gmpbiem gmpbiem at BIOMSERV.UNIV-LYON1.FR
Fri May 10 09:26:01 EST 1996

Dear Colleagues,
I am looking for a stock of Drosophila simulans with attached-X (X^XY
females) and a phenotypical marker, to cross it with our wild-typed lines.
If somebody has such flies, or informations to help me, please contact me!
My name is: Claude ARNAULT
e-mail: gmpbiem at biomserv.univ-lyon1.fr
Many thanks in advance
C. Arnault

UMR 5558: "Biometrie, Genetique, Biologie des populations"
Universite Claude Bernard - LYON 1
69622 VILLEURBANNE Cedex (France)

* Tel. (33) 72 44 81 98 - Fax: (33)78 89 19 41
* E-mail: gmpbiem at biomserv.univ-lyon1.fr

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