spelling mistake for new muscidae listserver

Jules Johnson sab2jj at cardiff.ac.uk
Tue May 21 06:17:17 EST 1996

Dear all, it has come to my attention that their is a spelling 
mistake in the subscribe line printed below. It reads 'subscibe' 
where in fact it should read 'subscribe'. I hope this didn't cause 
too many people problems when they tried cutting and pasting the 

Please forgive in advance any cross-postings you may get.

A new listserver has now been set up for discussion on the muscidae group.
It will promote discussion on all aspects of muscidae biology, 
ranging from insecticide resistance and control measures through 
to behaviour, physiology, and genetics.

To subscribe send an E-mail message to:-
Majordomo at cf.ac.uk

In the body of the text DO NOT type:-
subscibe muscidae-l

The CORRECT command is :-
subscribe muscidae-l

Please do not put your own name after the subscribe command as 
majordomo will not recognise the command. Upon subscription you will 
be sent more information concerning the list. 

Many thanks,
Julian Johnson.

Thank you for the people who noticed and e-mailed me.

Julian Johnson (muscidae-l listowner) 
Johnsonj at cf.ac.uk,
Cardiff University,

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