Looking for a PI.

Ajay Srivastava ajays at sfu.ca
Thu May 23 02:30:09 EST 1996

Hi There!

I am a graduate student at IMBB Simon Fraser University Canada. 
I am looking for a PI who will be willing to take me as a Master's or a 
Ph.D student. 
I have 20 months of research experience with Drosophila Molecular 
Biology and genetics. I am adept at the basic techniques of Molecular 
biology including Manual sequencing.
I have worked as a teaching assistant for a second year Genetics 
course(twice) and a second year Molecular Biology and Biochemistry 
course. My responsibilities included conducting tutorials and marking 
I have taken three graduate courses over the past 20 months of my stay
at SFU.
 For more information I can be reached at the following address by 
ajays at sfu.ca

Thanks for your attention,
Ajay Srivastava
Graduate Student

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