Melissa Trentin mtrentin at powerup.com.au
Wed May 29 02:41:15 EST 1996

Howdy all Drosophila-minded ppl :)

I am a uni student who is currently trying to write up some pracs 
involving the almighty Drosophila Melongaster....having a bit of trouble 
in fact. I've mastered the ones involving polytene chromo's (salivary 
glands) and mutations involving sodium metaborate but I still, for the 
life of me, can't work out some of the results obtained in the mono and 
dihybrid crosses. I would dearly love for some help in this regard.
I have nothing to offer you in return...except eternal gratitude :)
I hope there are some kind-hearted ppl out there who would like to help a 
struggling uni student...PLEASE?!@
If you're one of those ppl..please write to me privately at:
mtrentin at powerup.com.au
TAH :)

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