Normal Eukaryotic Cell

David Hagerberg mik_daha at
Tue Sep 30 10:19:26 EST 1997

At 19.49 97-09-26 -0400, Art Repak wrote:
>Normal is an overused term. It generally means something like an average in
>a given population of cells or organisms. I don't think there is such a
>thing as a "normal" anything- biodiversity is the rule not the exception.

Though, something has to be learnt in biology classes!?

>Common eukaryotic cells? I'm prejudice- I think the protozoa are the most
>common eukaryotic cells. However fungi cover more ground and may be
>considered the world's largest organism since their mycelial masses can
>cover  a few miles in radius. 

Saying protozoan cells are more common than e.g. fungal is like saying
that bikes are more common than opel cars. There are a vast difference
between protozoans compared to fungi, and the vastness also exists in
the physiologies. There is a problem since the definition of a fungal
cell is somewhat hard.

In the question of fungi, would not the biomass plants be higher than
the fungal?

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