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Wed Sep 1 15:45:30 EST 1999

Dear receiver,
                       Please take time to read this because I am
running out of time and will get into lots of trouble if someone kind
like you does not help me.  I have come up against a problem regarding a
Latin Square exercise.  We laid out 36 traps which consisted of a
coloured pie-dish with water and detergent in it, this ensured that the
insect died and stayed where it was.  There were 6 colours (black,
yellow, green, red, white, blue) and 6 of each colour.  We left them for
24 hours and examined what we caught.  There were 4 main groups which
were observed and examined.  The results are shown below in the table

                    muscidae    aphidae    culicidae    drosophila
              + caliphordae

BLACK            2                2                26            93
RED                 4                0                15            94
BLUE              10                5               27            13
GREEN            3                4                16            42
YELLOW        14               12               7            82
WHITE            14                0                1            4

TOTAL            47                23               66         328

This may seem a bit confusing but I hope you can understand it.
 What I need to write about is the factors that make the insect choose
the specific colour.  EG drosophila has preference for yellow, black,
red, is this an indication that it feeds on fruit, rotting meat etc??

I would be extreemly greatful for any information on this experiment,
any answers, or web-pages which could help me come to an answer and
conclusion by monday.

Thank you for reading this.......

Regards and Thanks

Nicolas Baird

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