how to separate male and female larva?

James Mohler jmohler at
Wed Aug 23 09:02:01 EST 2000

>Re: how to separate male and female larva?
At 04:57 PM 8/22/00 +0100, you wrote:
>A simple question, but hard to find result in books. Thanks a lot.

Male and female third-instar larva are easily distinguished by the size of
the gonad.  The gonad is located in about the fifth abdominal segment, and
is a transparent organ embedded within the fat.  The male gonad is much
larger than the female's and leaves a clear spherical "hole" in the opaque
fat body.  This clear space is not apparent in the female.

Heaven forbid, however, you should be working on gene involved in insulin
signalling.  In those larvae, the fat body fails to enlarge properly and it
becomes nearly impossible to see that clear gonad in an almost transparent

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