Roger Duncan rduncan at
Thu Jan 11 15:29:14 EST 2001

I was referred to this address as a possible source for information about
an area I am unsure of.

What I am seeking, as an experimental goal, is a way to screen a Drosophila
tissue culture cell system for mutations that are affecting a certain
signal transduction pathway. Naively, perhaps, I had thought there might be
S2 lines into which P elements (or some other transposon) had been
introduced to give a large battery of insertional mutants that could be
easily recovered following their identification (i.e. of cells harboring
the mutation identified by a screening to the tissue culture cells (in my
case, this would be for expression of GFP)). So, my first hope was to
identify such a resource. If such a system does not exist, can you
recommend an alternative way to accomplish this goal, or a contact person I
might address re this problem. Again, thanks for any assistance possible.
R Duncan


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