P-element Insertions

Seden Cigizoglu sedencig at helix.mgh.harvard.edu
Mon May 7 16:40:39 EST 2001

Hi ;

My name is Seden and I am a student in Dr. Iswar Hariharan's Lab . I am
trying to find some  P-element
insertion lines. The lines are  marked as" reserved" in Flybase but are
not kept at the Bloomington Stock center since there is no given Stock
number for those lines.
The lines are:

Locus:		Line:

66D1-2		l(3)r0116 
91F4-5		l(3)01536
85D7-8		l(3)01728
89B16-17	l(3)j1C5
65F5-7		l(3)s2898
65F5-7		l(3)j8A6 
82A1-4	        945
30C1-2          6353
99F1-2      	823
??          	6345B
??          	l(3)j4D1
??          	l(3)4E11

Thank You very much for your help

Seden Cigizoglu


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