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Tue Jul 16 11:37:54 EST 2002

        ANNOUNCING      euGenes     update July 2002
        Genomic Information for Eukaryotic Organisms
  euGenes is a genome information system that provides a
  common summary of genes and genomes of eukaryotes. 
  It summarizes 8 eukaryote genomes, over 180,000 genes
  and 850,000 features on 3.7 gigabases of genomic sequence. 
  Recent additions include 
  > Mosquito genome
  > Updates to genome sequences, features and maps, reference
    proteins, and gene homologies
  > BioDAS genome annotation access
  > Light-weight Directory access (LDAP) for Grid computing
  Highlights of the project include
  * 8 eukaryote genomes: human, fruitfly, worm, mouse, yeast,
    mustard weed, zebrafish, mosquito
  * primary information on all known protein coding genes in these
  * whole-genome maps with feature annotations, chromosome
    locations and molecular data
  * consistant gene symbols, identifiers, and known synonyms
  * homologies link common genes among these organisms
  * common vocabulary of molecular function, process and cell
    location (Gene Ontology) 
  Access points   --------------------------------------
  Search/Browse: or
  Bulk data:
  Grid directory: ldap://
  Please send your comments and suggestions to 
  eugenes at

-- Don Gilbert
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