Experience of using dsRED in zebrafish

Charles Plessy plessy at titus.u-strasbg.fr
Thu Mar 20 08:30:12 EST 2003

I will not answer directly your question :(

I used clontech's nuclear dsRED to get stable zebrafish transgenics.

My analysis are performed in 24-48h old embryos.

It takes about 18h to get some red fluorescence at 28° (compared to 1 - 2 h 
for GFP)

The fluorescence can be very strong, so strong that a red signal is visible 
using the GFP filter on a Leica binocular.

I didn't see a decent "fluorescent timer" effect : it seems that blue light 
can excitate dsRED in some conditions, and that some signal can be read 
with "gfp" settings under the confocal. But I never saw green fluorescence 
under a binocular scope. With a strong transgene, it looks more like some 

I am now very happy with CFP and YFP, that are easy to discriminate, and 
that have same maturation speed than GFP.


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