fly food acids' safety

Sekhon Lara lara.sekhon at
Mon Aug 16 10:02:50 EST 2004


I was hoping you could help me with a fly food query?

We currently make up an Acid Mix in a fume hood as follows:
dH2O		546ml
propionic acid	412ml
phosphoric acid	42ml

In the lab we then add 92ml Acid Mix (and 175ml 10% Tegosept) to 10L fly food at up to 80 degrees Celsius and spend 30-45mins dispensing the food into vials.

We have recently found out that these acids are a safety hazard and are wondering what other labs do re: the safety aspect of pouring fly food?  At these low concentrations are these acids considered safe in normal lab conditions? We pour 10L four times a week so this issue is important to those involved in making it. The MSDS was not helpful regarding lower concentrations and higher temperatures.

I hope you can help us out.

Thanks in advance,
Lara Sekhon
Media and Lab Services
Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
East Melbourne

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