stocks to be removed from the Bloomington collection

Kathy Matthews matthewk at
Mon Nov 22 16:34:39 EST 2004

The Bloomington Stock Center periodically reexamines holdings and removes 
unused, less-used or redundant stocks from the collection to make 
additional room for new acquisitions. Announcements of all stocks to be 
removed from the collection will be made to the community via the 
Bloomington homepage, FlyBase, bionet.dros and, if requested, direct 
e-mail. Stocks on a given cull list can be ordered from the Center for two 
months after the initial announcement for that set of stocks. Stocks to be 
discarded can be viewed and ordered from this page:
A link to this page appears on the top page of the Bloomington web site. An 
initial e-mail will be sent to all users of the Bloomington Stock Center 
within a day or two of this posting.  If you want to be notified by e-mail 
when future cull lists are posted, contact Stacy Holtzman (sholtzma AT


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