[Drosophila] endocytic trafficking of sphingolipids

Steffen Steinert ssteinert at ibn.a-star.edu.sg
Fri Jun 24 02:04:24 EST 2005


We're trying to establish a method for imaging fluorescently labelled lipid analogs in Drosophila cultured neuronal cell lines. Therefore I'm thinking about purchasing the BODIPY FL C12 sphyngomyelin dye from Molecular Probes. Do you know if someone already applied this dye to Drosophila cell lines? As far as I know the BODIPY dye is mostly taken for HSFs but not for Drosophila.

The sphingomyelin from Drosophila varies from the commercial SM (Molecular Probes). So I'm not sure if the labeling of endocytic traffick of sphingolipids like SM is working with Drosophila cells.

I will appreciate if you could let me know your comments.

Thanks and with best wishes,

Steffen Steinert

Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology

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