[Drosophila] Flightless mutants in isogenic laboratory collections

Emilio Cervantes ecervant at usal.es
Wed Jun 29 03:11:11 EST 2005

Dear Drosophilists,


Some time ago, as a postgraduate student in the Genetics department at Oviedo University,  I was doing a project in Drosophila . 


The project involved the isolation of flightless mutants by  EMS treatment,

but additionally I screened the isogenic lines available in the laboratory for their capacity to fly.


Out of seven isogenic laboratory lines tested, the flies in two of them were unable to fly. To test for this,  the bottles containing the flies were opened at 4-5  cm from a flat surface and, the flies instead of flying just jumped down of the bottle and displaced by jumping several mm.  Genetic tests were done in both lines and a recessive mutation responsible for flightless behaviour was found in the chromosome 3 between the genes ebony shooty and claret. I left the project at this stage but, since then, the question has come back often:


How frequent is flightless behaviour in isogenic laboratory lines??, in what percent of the lines kept for some time may it occur??. 

Flightless behaviour may be a characteristic easy to check for a number of lines and see it this is correlated with the presence of one or more mutations fixed.

I would be very happy to collect your answers and make a summary for the community.



Thank you very much for your attention,


Emilio Cervantes
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