[Drosophila] advice on population cage experiment

The Hanings haningfamily at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 13 11:43:02 EST 2006

Hello.  My daughter is 10th grade.  She has used
drosophila for her science fair project the past 2
years.  We are planning to set up two population cage
experiments that will demonstrate the change in
population when ebony and wild type flies are kept
together, and when apterous and wild type flies are
kept together.  What steps can we take to prevent
mites from being an issue since we are going to run
the trials for 16 weeks?  Also, are there methematical
formaulas we can use to predict the out come of the
experiments?  We hope to show that apterous flies
decrease in the population at a greater rate since
wing morphology is important in courtship behavior.

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