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  1. [Drosophila] ***postdoctoral position open in NJ area***   Chih-Cheng Tsai
  2. [Drosophila] Faculty positions open at the IGBMC   Angela GIANGRANDE
  3. [Drosophila] Looking for a super easy protocol for transgene mapping   maki asano
  4. [Drosophila] Mouse anti-GFP   Sandra Zimmerman
  5. [Drosophila] RNA from embryo   Payal Ray
  6. [Drosophila] primary cells   Tina Buechling
  7. [Drosophila] Re: RNA from embryo   whitedolphin
  8. [Drosophila] Fly stock of pasha   whitedolphin
  9. [Drosophila] washable markers for glass vials/bottles   Howard Rundle
  10. [Drosophila] fly meeting in Japan JDRC8   Fumio Matsuzaki
  11. [Drosophila] SNP Chip Data Analysis for Whole Genome Association Studies   amatern
  12. [Drosophila] follow-up - markers for glass vials/bottles   Howard Rundle
  13. [Drosophila] Postdoctoral Position/Evolutionary Genetics   Jim Fry
  14. [Drosophila] EP(2)2327 anyone?   Maren Bell
  15. [Drosophila] Anybody have seen a tumor-like bulb phenotype?   Zhang Yi
  16. [Drosophila] nuclei isolation   AJ Burdette
  17. [Drosophila] Request for PBac insertion lines   Mardelle Atkins
  18. [Drosophila] Ross is moving   Ross Cagan

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