[Drosophila] S2 Cell growth vs temperature

Marko Radulovic via dros%40net.bio.net (by marko from radulovic.net)
Tue Jan 8 08:22:46 EST 2008

Dear Robert,

I read your post at bionet, unfortunately I can not help you as I do not
have much experience with S2 cells. As I see that you grow S2 cells
routinely, I wanted to ask you for a favor to tell me how you do it. I need
to grow large amounts of these cells, which is easiest done in suspension,
but my experience is that they do not grow well in suspension, although they
should. I have varied the speed of mixing etc, but no improvement. I used
big glass erlenmayer flasks, then tried big plastic rotating bottles, but
little success. I use Schneiders medium with 10%FCS plus

I would very much appreciate if you could find time to tell me about the
conditions in which S2 cells would grow well in suspension.

Many thanks


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