[Drosophila] safety issues

sandra schulze via dros%40net.bio.net (by heterochromatic from gmail.com)
Thu Jun 25 13:29:12 EST 2009

OK (deep breath) I am facing down bureaucrats at my school that need
language that calms them down about working with transgenic fruit
flies. I have already read the 132 (!!!$&^%*$^%&*) page NIH Guidelines
and have confirmed that I am BL1 (biolevel safety 1) working with an
insect model that is largely exempt from lots of things (no toxins, no
infectious agents, no poisons, no horizontally transmissable anything
etc). However the mere fact that they have transgenes means I have to
report to a safety committee here. But I need language to convince the
safety committee that fruitflies are safe, that disposal by freezing
is JUST FINE, that they are crippled and if released accidentally pose
no threat etc etc etc. Can anyone give me some language, especially
concerning routine stock maintenance (disposal especially) that will
make bureaucrats happy??? I am totally responsible for whatever I
write, I just would love some language that will help the bureaucrats

I have a headache.

Sandra Schulze

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